Monday 11 July 2005

Bastardcast July 11 - Voicedude Jr - Papa Was In The Rolling Stones


More Voicedude Jr here.

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Podcasting ... kinda

I'm going to start an occasional series of posts pointing to great bootlegs, mashups, and bastard pop that I find. If I've got the RSS majik right, they should show up as podcasts. Let me know what you think. The next post will be my first: Voicedude Jr's utterly inspired Papa Was In The Rolling Stones.

Point iTunes or your favourite podcast reader at

[Update: I was going to call it Mashcast, but that's taken, as is Bootcast. So it is, then!]

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Gmail invites

You still need an invitation to get an account. If you'd like one, click here to send me email. You can thank me by clicking on some of my nice Google advertisements.

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