Thursday 3 March 2005

New web host

If you can read this, you're looking at my new site, hosted by Easily.

Hit me up with a comment, if there's a problem...

Appearing on Security360

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I'm going to be participating in one of Microsoft's "Executive Circle Webcasts" later this month. For details, see here.

I'm off to Redmond to videotape a panel segment for it next week. The title is "Phishing: Don’t Get Hooked."

On this month's Security360 webcast, host Mike Nash, security executive at Microsoft, identifies emerging technologies and best practices that can help you reduce online fraud and phishing scams. Learn what you can do to protect your customers and employees and prevent your company brand from being hijacked. As with every Security360, this session will include the insights of industry experts, a checklist of recommendations and resources, and a live Q&A.

Insights of industry experts? Yeah, and Richi will be there, too.