Friday 2 July 2010

Apple's ludicrous iPhone 4 apology

Richi Jennings's picture   The Long View (Computerworld)

So Apple has issued a statement about the iPhone 4 reception issues and the problems caused by touching the antenna. Apparently, it's all the fault of a bug in the code that displays the signal bars. What a load of old garbage...

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Wednesday 30 June 2010

10 ways spam is like vuvuzelas (the World Cup horns)

Amir Lev's picture   Security Levity (Computerworld)

If you've been glued to the World Cup, you'll know that there's more to the matches than soccer (football for our international audience). I'm talking about those incessant horns -- the vuvuzelas. They're really catching people's attention, for all the wrong reasons. It got me thinking... In this week's Security Levity, how is a vuvuzela just like spam?

Vuvuzelas and spam? Have I gone mad? Never fear, dear reader, let me count the ways...

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