Friday 8 July 2005

How to poach an egg

Rob's How to poach an egg page deserves more Google juice. Summary: boil it in clingfilm ("saran wrap," to you folks out west).


Look on the bright side. Wasn't it kind of the terrorists to bomb us on a day that won't confuse people when the date gets written as numbers? If it happened a day later, we'd have endless trouble with Americans telling us that "August 7" hasn't happened yet ;-)

Update: it's not just me. Paul thinks so too.

Wednesday 6 July 2005

Beach volleyball in Horseguards Parade?

It's official: London will host the 2012 Olympics.

Predictably, the official London 2012 website has crashed: the perils of using Windows to handle large peak loads?

Congratulations to the London 2012 Olympic big team, anyway. Paris: une meilleure chance pendant la fois prochaine.

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