Friday 3 February 2023

Anker’s Eufy Admits ‘Lie’ After TWO Months — Still no Apology - Security Boulevard

Euf***ed Up — Again: Anker said its Eufy cameras never send unencrypted video. But a couple of months ago, researchers discovered they did. Despite the clear evidence, Anker denied, delayed and deflected.

Thursday 2 February 2023

OpenAI Hires 1,000 Low Wage Coders to Retrain Copilot | Netflix Blocks Password Sharing -

The moral of the story: Life is like riding a bicycle: To keep your balance, you must keep moving

Wednesday 1 February 2023

‘Finish Him!’ US Kills Huawei With Final Tech Ban - Security Boulevard

“Splendid Achievement”
The federal government has cut off Huawei’s last sources of technology. Export licenses for chips and other tech components are finished.

Tuesday 31 January 2023

Google's open source team layoffs: Your software supply chain security is at risk - ReversingLabs

Don’t be evil: Google has laid off many leading lights of the open source world. This will have a profound effect on software supply chain security.

Another Password Manager Leak Bug: But KeePass Denies CVE - Security Boulevard

‘Nihilistic; Dismissive’
Two researchers report vulnerability in KeePass. But lead developer Dominik Reichl says it’s not a problem—and refuses to fix the flaw.