Saturday 19 March 2005

Interview with a "spam list vendor"

This post at the Spam Kings blog talks about how a vendor of alleged spam lists has been shut down (at least for now). I tracked him down and had a quick chat with him on IM just now. His name is Jarvis Fitzgerald. He seems pretty pissed off...
richij (10:28:58 pm): hey, can we talk?
[redacted] (10:29:10 pm): sure
[redacted] (10:29:16 pm): good afternoon
richij (10:29:24 pm): good evening, from England
richij (10:29:34 pm): The name's Richi
richij (10:29:54 pm): I'm doing research into what happened with
richij (10:30:06 pm): wanna talk about it?
[redacted] (10:30:17 pm): whatta u wanna know?
[redacted] (10:30:27 pm): some ***hole called my hoster and had it shut down
richij (10:30:33 pm): yeah so I see
richij (10:30:52 pm): what's your side of the story? I heard the "***hole's" side
[redacted] (10:31:00 pm): first
[redacted] (10:31:06 pm): i've never spammed
[redacted] (10:31:24 pm): and i sell full data optins, which is the only way you can spam legally
richij (10:31:58 pm): by "full data" you mean that you can track back and prove the opt in?
[redacted] (10:33:12 pm): of course
richij (10:33:42 pm): I guess some people just don't like any form of DM
[redacted] (10:34:02 pm): well, that's bull****
[redacted] (10:34:16 pm): i'm servicing a legal industry
richij (10:35:51 pm): so what sort of places do you get the names from?
[redacted] (10:36:12 pm): companies
[redacted] signed off at 10:36:25 pm.
richij (10:38:27 pm): ohhh kayyy
Previous message was not received by [redacted] because of error (10:38:27 pm): User [redacted] is not available.
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How to manage software projects

Tom Evslin is right on with these observations about how to manage software projects. This is just the sort of thing I was trying to do when I led and managed developer teams at HP. Short times between milestones, design for flexibility in the level of functionality, cut stuff to fit the due date. Back then, we called it iD: "incremental development."

HP software purists scoffed at these ideas. They held the view that "it's done when it's done." No amount of explaining the true commercial realities would convince them that due dates had a valid place in development schedules.

One aspect he missed: bribes for meeting milestones ;-)

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Tuesday 15 March 2005

Security360 replay

There's a replay of today's Microsoft Security360 on phishing here (just the panel) or here (the whole hour). I was on the panel with the chief scientist of RSA and the CSE of Corillian.

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