Friday 10 February 2023

Reddit Hacked — 2FA is no Phishing Phix - Security Boulevard

Snoo Boo Boo: Reddit got hacked with a “sophisticated” spear phishing attack. The individual victim was an employee who clicked the wrong email link.

Thursday 9 February 2023

Amazing Fast Crypto for IoT — US NIST Fingers ASCON - Security Boulevard

CAESAR Winner Wins Again: Implementing modern cryptography standards on tiny IoT devices is hard. They’re underpowered, need to sip battery charge and something like AES is often overkill.

Wednesday 8 February 2023 ‘Stole’ Code ¦ AWS Gets Filthier -

The moral of the story: Life is a succession of lessons which, must be lived to be understood

Tuesday 7 February 2023

C-SCRM: We’re from the government — and we’re here to help with software supply chain security - ReversingLabs

CISA and FASC and NIST — oh my!
A whole alphabet soup of agencies, offices and councils are springing up in D.C. and beyond. They’re trying to help us with the software supply chain security problem.

Monday 6 February 2023

Dutch Cops Bust ‘Exclu’ Messaging Service, Arrest 42 - Security Boulevard

Exclu Sieve: Crims are Dim
Police in the Netherlands broke open alleged drugs gangs by hacking an encrypted messenger service, Exclu. Lives were saved and alleged perps arrested.