Friday 12 November 2004

Orange pays me to stay

So I just called the Orange Retentions Dept. They offered me 120 anytime x-net minutes and 30 texts for £15/month, plus a free phone, plus (get this) £185 immediate cashback.

So they're effectively paying me £105 to stay (£185, less 12 x £15, plus the £100 I'll make on ebay)!

I've been paying £25/month for 120 any/any + 250 texts for the last year. Plus I bought my phone for £120 (early Treo 600). The guy said that makes me worth keeping as a customer. Crazy if you ask me, but I'm not complaining.

el Reg: Dating website dumps serial shagger

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Thursday 11 November 2004

Prevx zero-day AV

Another interesting "zero-day" technology. This time out of the UK. They offer a free home version here.

Tuesday 9 November 2004

New software heaven

Konfabulator for Windows and Mozilla Firefox. Yay.

Invention vs. Innovation

Those who know me IRL may have been subjected to my "Brits invented everything" rant. This Wired article puts the case succinctly:
...British inventions -- the gas turbine and jet engine, railways, penicillin, radar -- had become the cornerstones of several key American industries. The British invented, the Americans profited. Why? It's not because Americans are sleazy opportunists. Instead, these American visionaries were bold enough to think they could change the world and pragmatic enough to use whatever technology and information existed.

BTW, add "electronic, programmable, digital computers" to that list, would ya?