Saturday 27 November 2004

How to attract attention to your eBay auction

...use an eyecatching gallery picture ;-)
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The Forgotten Battle of Herouville

For the past few weeks, I've been keyboard-jockeying for my Pa, who's been editing this book, called The Forgotten Battle of Herouville, by Edward Dunstan. It details the D-Day Operation Charnwood from the perspective of The Lincolnshire Regiment (later to be known as The Royal Lincolnshire Regiment). The book got officially published on Thursday, at the final officers' dinner club meeting.

Pa was in the Lincolns, but later on, in Malaya (as t'was then). Capt. Jennings was the Intelligence Officer [sniggers].

Ulimately, the book will be on Edward's site, but its temporary home is here.

Friday 26 November 2004

Make Love, Not Spam

An interesting idea: Seti@Home-style harrasment of spammers.

However, do we really trust Lycos to pull this off? Remember, these are the guys who after 12 months, still email me even though they swear blind that I don't have an account with them any longer...

Monday 22 November 2004


Sorry for the lack of posts since Wednesday. Was run ragged.

Landed at stupid-o'clock this morning in Gatwick, thanks to the kind auspices of Delta. Flight was packed out with "seniors" (as they say over there). Beats the screaming kids on the way out.

Got a fair bit of sleep on the flight, thanks to:

  1. my trusty but aged noise-cancelling phones
  2. pTunes on my Treo
  3. the Treo headphone adapter thingy
  4. the free hypnosis mp3 from