Thursday 1 April 2021

Ubiquiti Accused of Lying to Help Stock Price - Security Boulevard

UI PR FAIL: Ubiquiti disclosed a breach in January, implying it was the fault of a “third party.” But this week, an insider says the company lied: “It was catastrophically worse,” said the anonymous source.

PHP backdoored via Git hack: It’s no joke, so don't be a fool - TechBeacon

PHP Group will close its doors. The foolish moral of the story: How much of your infrastructure is built on badly funded open-source projects?

Tuesday 30 March 2021

SolarWinds Hack: U.S. Govt Failure is Deeply Worrying - Security Boulevard

Your Tax Dollars at Work: The U.S. government is doing a piss-poor job of protecting Americans from foreign hackers. That’s the eye-catching conclusion made by a pair of Associated Press scribblers this week.