Thursday 20 April 2006

Panda Software has a shill?

I just got a spammy comment in my moderation queue linking to (Well, I say "linking" -- in fact the spammer mistyped the link.)

Here's the details:
Referrer was a Google search for blog virus
IP was (looks like customer space in a Spanish ISP called Jazztel)
Computer runs WinXP at 1280x1024 with IE6 and JavaScript enabled.
Spain, huh? In which country is Panda based?

While I'm sure Panda Software will tell me that this person isn't doing this with their permission, let me say ... ¡Este comportamiento no es aceptable!

Wednesday 19 April 2006

SearchSecurity: It's time to fix AV warning messages

SearchSecurity has published an expanded version of my blog post from last month, It's time to fix AV warning messages:

Ever received e-mail from your company's antivirus filter, telling you that someone you've never heard of has sent you a virus? I'm betting you have. If not ... well, consider yourself lucky.
These AV warning messages have become nearly as frequent and as burdensome as run-of-the-mill spam. They're certainly not doing the job they were intended to do. [more]