Saturday 12 November 2005

Bastardcast Nov 12 - Violated Halo

Jimmi Jammes - Violated Halo

This is track 4 on the new Depeche Mode Violated compilation. A mash of DM's Halo with bleeps and breaks from other DM tracks (can you spot them all?)

I'm not familiar with Jimmi's work, so I'll be checking him out at

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Thursday 10 November 2005

Which South Park character are you?

No, not some lame quiz, but a tool to design a South Park character. Here's as close as I got to my fair countenance...

Not a bad likeness. I particularly like the mooning Cartman T-shirt. I wonder if I can get Cafepress to make some?

Go to Das Planearium to build yours.

Tuesday 8 November 2005

Espion International

Interesting brace of announcements from Drew Burdsall's company recently:

  1. ESPION International, INC. Secures $1.1 Million in Funding
  2. ESPION International, Inc. Shows Strong 2005 Sales Growth

It seems that they've brokered a deal with Bellwether Venture Capital Fund I, Inc. and Bellwether Advisers, adding one Ryan D. Smith as President and board member.