Saturday 19 March 2005

Interview with a "spam list vendor"

This post at the Spam Kings blog talks about how a vendor of alleged spam lists has been shut down (at least for now). I tracked him down and had a quick chat with him on IM just now. His name is Jarvis Fitzgerald. He seems pretty pissed off...
richij (10:28:58 pm): hey, can we talk?
[redacted] (10:29:10 pm): sure
[redacted] (10:29:16 pm): good afternoon
richij (10:29:24 pm): good evening, from England
richij (10:29:34 pm): The name's Richi
richij (10:29:54 pm): I'm doing research into what happened with
richij (10:30:06 pm): wanna talk about it?
[redacted] (10:30:17 pm): whatta u wanna know?
[redacted] (10:30:27 pm): some ***hole called my hoster and had it shut down
richij (10:30:33 pm): yeah so I see
richij (10:30:52 pm): what's your side of the story? I heard the "***hole's" side
[redacted] (10:31:00 pm): first
[redacted] (10:31:06 pm): i've never spammed
[redacted] (10:31:24 pm): and i sell full data optins, which is the only way you can spam legally
richij (10:31:58 pm): by "full data" you mean that you can track back and prove the opt in?
[redacted] (10:33:12 pm): of course
richij (10:33:42 pm): I guess some people just don't like any form of DM
[redacted] (10:34:02 pm): well, that's bull****
[redacted] (10:34:16 pm): i'm servicing a legal industry
richij (10:35:51 pm): so what sort of places do you get the names from?
[redacted] (10:36:12 pm): companies
[redacted] signed off at 10:36:25 pm.
richij (10:38:27 pm): ohhh kayyy
Previous message was not received by [redacted] because of error (10:38:27 pm): User [redacted] is not available.
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Anonymous said...

So someone opted in at company a. That company sold the address to company b (which is him), who then sells the info to company c.



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