Monday 22 November 2004


Sorry for the lack of posts since Wednesday. Was run ragged.

Landed at stupid-o'clock this morning in Gatwick, thanks to the kind auspices of Delta. Flight was packed out with "seniors" (as they say over there). Beats the screaming kids on the way out.

Got a fair bit of sleep on the flight, thanks to:

  1. my trusty but aged noise-cancelling phones
  2. pTunes on my Treo
  3. the Treo headphone adapter thingy
  4. the free hypnosis mp3 from


Anonymous said...

Whilst I canot say Wendi's hypnosis can make any changes to a cancer patients situation I can say from personal experience I personally have had positive results with her products and find the name Hypno-Huckster more than a little degrading.

A little over 2 years ago I had the displeasure of spending 2 days in a Cardiac ward watching people in my room dying with little or no hope. When I was wheeled in there were 8 of us in there. I watched grown men fall apart emotionally and heard all thier regrets and deepest secrets they did not want to take to the grave. The guy in the bed next to me was in for his 6th visit and was told he will not be going home. As these men clung to thier last hours I chatted to them and watched how thier thoughts became feelings and watched thier stress levels rise. We were all wired with wireless radio ecg units to monitor our heart rates remotely at the nurse station. The guy next to me woke up crying and saying I can feel it ,I'm dying right now... it's time. I looked at him and said from where I am you don't look any different to before, I don't think it is time.. what makes you think it is ?. He said he saw himself dying in his mind and felt he would never see his wife again and broke down . He was 54 years old and I was 34, he said he wished he was younger like me and had more time. He also asked me how I can remain so calm in such a terrible time in my life.

I told him what I saw, I saw a man in for his 6th visit that was a tough determined old bastard that I admired his inner strength to make it home from the earlier visits and hoped to be like him.This is my second time here,If I can be like you I have at least another 4 visits to look forward to :)

I said to him I see myself going home...I feel it's not my time yet and I will use all my life force to make sure I go home to see my sons 4th birthday in 2 weeks time.
I then asked him think positve thoughts. He told me he had a shed and enjoyed wood working as a retirement hobby. I asked him to lie back and relax.. remember a time when he was in his shed feeling relaxed and happy and asked him to tell me about his woodworking. Within minutes his panic had stopped and his heart rate had gone back to previous.
By changing the focus of his mind to a positive feeling and giving him new hope to hold on to he improved whilst the others floundered in thier own self pity and despair.

I was discharged from that hospital the next day.. no I was not cured and never will be but without techniques I had learned to control my mind in stressfull situations through hypnosis the treating doctor said he thought I would not make it through the night due to the normal stresses patients suffer knowing thier time is very short.He said the stress normally contributes to thier death.

Out of the 8 people in that room 2 of us walked out. I cannot say how long the other guy lived as he was in worse shape than me.

I seriously Doubt that Wendi would take advantage of Cancer patients and claim that they do not need conventional treatment.

If you are a client of and have tried these products I'd love to hear your views as there is two sides to every story, rather than jumping the gun and name calling I want to hear some real feedback and facts.

I wish you David.R.Mark all the best in your future health .

Life is a gift that we do not fully appreaciate untill it is about to be taken away from us. Hope is something we all need to give us strength in our time of need.

We are what we think,Believe you can and you will. Believe you can't and you'll also be right.

Anonymous said...

I have purchase product from and was dissapointed. It is a very professional website but she sucks at hypnosis and often goes on and on about your problem and not the solution.

Which is funny because I have noticed her advert on Coast to Coast AM where she reads a letter from an alcoholic saying basically "your right it is unproductive to admit over and over again your an alcholic" but in her stay hard (sex session) she constantly says 'premature ejaculation" which in my mind reinforces the problem.

I now know having purchase several hypnosis and suck like materials that the Hypno-huckster at has great marketing but not much in the way of quality.

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