Friday 20 June 2008

"Secure Resolutions" Sends Spam

Update August 25: Just a quick note. I'd appreciate it if shills for Secure Resolutions would stop emailing me to say I'm an ignorant idiot.

Update June 19: VerticalResponse has confirmed that Secure Resolutions's account is now closed and banned. Well done, guys.

Yesterday, I got email from some company called Secure Resolutions.
We are contacting you because you are currently a customer or you have been a customer and we would like to continue to be your supplier of anti-malware and backup protection. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our award winning, patented technology...
etc., etc., etc.

Trouble is, I've never heard of them, and the role account they sent it to is incapable of being a "customer" of anyone. Yes, friends: ergo, this email was spam.

(Incidentally, there seems to be some connection between this company and Panda Security, who I've also caught spamming.)

The company uses VerticalResponse to send this spam, so I shot a note to their abuse alias and got an encouraging note back from their Email Delivery & Policy Enforcement team. VR says it has "completely disabled" the Secure Resolution's account and "opened an investigation."

Watch this space for updates.

Anyone else had problems with this sender?

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