Thursday 15 September 2022

Heat Cooks Twitter DC | AI Will Kill All Humans | Patreon Layoffs, CSAM Claim -

The Moral of the Story: Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows

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Guise Bule said...

I can tell you that I have discovered HUNDREDS of allegations going back a decade.

I found two different glass door posts from a couple of years ago talking about child porn, hundreds of Trustpilot reviews from Patreon users saying that they have reported CP and been ignored, in many cases those reporting CP had their accounts suspended. I have spoken to a number of people who have told me that they have repeatedly tried to report what look like organised CP rings on Patreon, only to be ignored time and time again.

Social media is littered with complains about this going back years, allegations are EVERYWHERE. There are just too many reports of those reporting CP having their accounts suspended, with the reported creators allowed to continue over the last few years to believe that this isn't a deliberate policy.

Am not sure how much more smoke needs to billow out of this tech company before people realize that there is a serious problem over there. Someone needs to go to prison.

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