Thursday 18 August 2005

Bastardcast August 18 - GHP - Uptight Killer

GHP - Uptight Killer

I've been a fan of Go Home Productions (aka Mark Vidler) for aaages. Mostly because he's actually got a good musical ear. Shocking, I know.

This is one of his more recent offerings. As he puts it:
Stevie Wonder's 'Uptight' (acapella thanx to Corporation) with all manner of parts from The Killers 'Somebody Told Me' / the riff from the Rolling Stones 'Jumping Jack Flash' and a whole load of breaks / bleeps / fills and aural candy from myself. Apologies for the ending but it had to be done. Most, if not all, of the Killers bootlegs that I've heard have completely missed that vocal chord change on the 'had it with this game' section.....
There's some Bowie in there too.

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