Saturday 10 September 2005

A great loss

Rest in peace, Lewis Platt: gentleman, moral businessman, and friend of HP OpenMail.

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Anonymous said...

friend of openmail? they trashed it under this watch, didnt they?

he is as responsible as anyone for pushing HP down the commodity route.

Richi Jennings said...

There's some internal politics that I don't want to go into the details of, but of all three of the CEOs I worked for, he best "got" the OpenMail proposition (the others were John Young and Carly Fiorina).

OpenMail's death (in 2000 but announced 2001) was under Czarly's watch. One could point to several earlier mortal wounds (starting with the Lotus relationship in the mid-90s) which were under Lew's watch, however Lew and his team were smart enough to allow OpenMail to bounce back from these.

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