Friday 23 December 2005

Predictions for 2006

Everyone else is doing it (see today's IT Blogwatch), so it's bandwagon time...

  1. More high profile lawsuits cause spammers to think again
  2. Huge shakeout in the anti-spam market, as VCs cry, "Show me the money!"—mergers, acquisitions, and failures galore
  3. Symantec (SYMC) stock price overcomes resistance at $16; slides some more
  4. Exchange 12 doesn't get released this year
  5. Companies without blogs seem like companies without websites were a few years ago
  6. Mobile operators in the US and UK will all but drop handset subsidies
  7. Someone like Linksys or D-Link sells a Media Center killer based on MythTV
  8. The Buteyko breathing technique finally recognized as a "cure" for asthma
  9. Big punch-up at the INBOX 2006 security vendor showdown
  10. Some governments offers incentives to ISPs to clean up the zombie problem
Merry Christmas-Chanukkah-Kwanza-Yule-Saturnalia-Brumalia-Solstice and a safe, happy and prosperous New Year (assuming you follow the same calendar)...

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