Thursday 22 December 2005

Richi'Blog review of 2005

Bah, humbug. So farewell then, 2005. We hardly knew you. Just for fun, here's a quick list of my favourite posts of the year:

January: are spam volumes really levelling off? (errr, no)

February: how to irritate users of public Wi-Fi (screw up their popstate)

March: I was on TV (well, Microsoft's Security360 webcast)

April: I am a fool

May: I hate challenge/response anti-spam (the first of a series) plus I get Slashdotted (and Nokia hates me)

June: My daily blogging column for Computerworld (IT Blogwatch)

July: The first Bastardcast (my occasional podcast of bootlegs and mashups)

August: Spam quarantines need to be better (just keep the grey area spam)

September: What is Ajax? (apart from a floor cleaner)

October: I'm the conference director for INBOX 2006

November: In defence of CAN-SPAM (mostly)

December: I laugh at eBay's anti-fraud desk ("yes, we sent that phish")

Next year, more of the same nonsense. Not only here, but at Ferris Research, Computerworld, and FixingEmail. Season's greetings, everyone!

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