Saturday 2 December 2006

Now! That's What I Call Spamming!

Occasionally, I remember to read Andy Clarke's blog, And all that Malarkey. Doozy of a post earlier this week. Spammers, take note (yeah, right; dream on)...

At about 4.30, the phone rang. Now I've written before about telephone salesmen, but this was a call with a difference ... Not only did [he] identify himself upfront to save me the job of interogating him, he actually asked, and very politely I should add, if it was OK to contact me. My defences came down and, Holy smokes, I even asked him right there what his software did ... So I gave him my email, this guy has class. Now, here is the odd thing. For the next two hours I was actively waiting for this guy to email me! Two hours in which I was wondering about his software ... he made me think about his product and about the experience of dealing with him (hell, I'm even blogging about it).

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