Monday 17 March 2008

Your humble, award-winning blogwatcher

Update: for those of you clicking through from Yahoo Finance's Apple page, no I don't know why, either. But welcome, anyway! Feel free to read some more of my stuff.

Golly. My IT Blogwatch thingy over at Computerworld was just recognized as one of three Computerworld blogs to swing a Jesse H. Neal Award.

If you peer really carefully at this pic, you'll see my idiot-grin in the screen shot...

The very not-dead Linda Rosencrance says:
Computerworld today won Jesse H. Neal Awards for best Web site, best online series for its coverage of Apple Inc.'s Leopard operating system, and best blog ... "I don't think it's a stretch to say this may well be the single most outstanding accomplishment in the history of Computerworld," said Don Tennant, vice president and editorial director of Computerworld. ... The blog award recognized three blog posts in particular, one from the Web site's daily IT Blogwatch written by Richi Jennings, and others written by Ian Lamont and David Ramel. more

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