Wednesday 9 April 2008

Proofpoint has a Reminder: It's Still Here (RSA)

Proofpoint has a new VP of marketing, and not a moment too soon. Andrew Lochart is the first to admit that his new employer has been very quiet recently, and he aims to change that.

Aside from the recent $20 million funding round and the additional 40 employees hired already this year, he reminds us that Proofpoint recently launched a hosted email security service, Proofpoint On Demand. This means that Proofpoint now offers its technology as a service, as software, as an appliance, and as a virtual appliance (a virtual-machine image of the appliance).

Sticking with what seems to be a "hybridized" theme, customers can mix and match the different form factors, while still managing them all from a single console. Handy, that.

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