Tuesday 10 August 2010

Why Andrew Orlowski is wrong about net neutrality

Richi Jennings's picture   The Long View (Computerworld)

Earlier today, my attention was drawn to an "analysis" piece at The Register. Let's take a read, in The Long View.

In the article, Andrew Orlowski argues that fans of network neutrality are living in some kind of 1990s dream world; that the architecture of 2010's Internet is very different from their outdated fantasies. This is due to widespread use of private peering arrangements by The Big Boys; that the so-called "backbones" -- as well as being a misnomer -- are increasingly irrelevant:
A real net neutrality law would have to give every company equal access at equal rates to Akamai or Google's caching servers - and I can't see that happening.
This is either stupendous ignorance of progressive, free-market economics, or deliberate misdirection. Not sure which; I dare say the Orlowski-watchers in the audience will have an opinion...

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