Wednesday 25 May 2011

Is Email Dead? Or Just Pinin’ for the Fjords?

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No, email’s neither dead, deceased, nor demised. But neither is it, as Monty Python’s Michael Palin would have said, homesick for the geographical features of its native Norway. You don’t need me to tell you that email is alive and well inside your organization. Beautiful plumage.

But some would say it’s too alive. In many organizations, email is used as a dumping ground for information that doesn’t belong there; email can also be used for certain collaborative tasks for which it’s simply not suited.


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Ellie Hurst said...

Yes Richi,
email has become a bit of a curse, particularly in corporate life. The art of using the appropriate method of communication is dying when the person who sits three feet to your left, sends you an email about something you could have discussed over coffee.
I suspect that a certain amount of it will be 'back covering' - if you have sent someone an email its their responsibility to read and act upon it and your responsibility is complete. The fact it may languish in an inbox with countless other items pales into insignificance!

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