Tuesday 2 April 2019

Office Depot and Support.com to Pay $35M for Fake Malware Scan ‘Scam’

Feds win technical victory against an alleged nine-year plan to fool customers. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) claims Office Depot and Support.com deliberately lied to consumers, saying their PCs were infected with malware.

However, the scanning tool they used didn’t actually scan anything, according to the FTC. It merely asked a few questions, such as, “Does your PC frequently crash?” And if the customer answered “Yes” to any question, they’d be told the PC needed a $300 fix.

The companies settled out of court for $35 million, without admitting liability. In today’s SB Blogwatch, we feel fine.

Read more: securityboulevard.com/2019/04/office-depot-and-support-com-to-pay-35m-for-fake-malware-scan-scam

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