Thursday 9 December 2004

Nitron Advisors Circle of Experts

I do a bunch of independent, part-time consulting gigs. To help me get them, I just joined the Nitron Advisors Circle of Experts...
The Circle of Experts is an exclusive global network of thought leaders who provide collaborative research and counsel to institutional investors. The Circle includes industry experts from the Fortune 500, leading universities, government, and nonprofits worldwide. We are now recruiting scientists, senior businesspeople, and other thought leaders, particularly in the healthcare, insurance, and chemical industries. Most consultations are on a one-to-one basis and typically take 30-90 minutes. The great majority of the Circle of Experts hold full-time positions with other employers.

Applicants must have several years experience and deep working knowledge of their industry. Previous experience with consulting is a plus, but not necessary. You determine at what hourly rate you are paid, based on your academic training, years of experience, and influence over purchasing decisions. Membership in The Circle is free and coinfidential, and all consultations are at your own discretion.

The benefits of joining include an unparalleled opportunity to earn extra income, build your personal brand, receive feedback from industry experts, and work on strategic, thought-provoking projects...all with absolutely no time commitments.

I'll let you know how I get on. You can apply to The Circle of Experts at this affiliated link.


Anonymous said...

I take part of Council of Advisors, a similar network. I have been sollicitated for consult-calls, but I have been too professionally linked to the requested subjects (should be read companies...). There is another one as well, PG Research, where I have done a couple of interesting consult-calls. It can be a rather work-intensive hour of conversation, but it a valuable experience. However, very difficult to define the fee according to experience. I would be much interested in getting some feedback from you, if you go some experiences, on your potential projects with Circle-of-Experst. Best Regards /Patrick

John said...

Have been approached, did it yield any results?

Not sure what I think, on the face of it seems interesting, especially from a networking pov, on the other hand not sure I want to put my name and reputation out there if they have any sharp practice

Richi Jennings said...

Yes, I have done one or two gigs with CoE (now Evalueserve, not Nitron). Also with Gerson Lehman.

No complaints with either.

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