Saturday 11 December 2004

Time to short WebEx?

Oh dear. If I owned stock in WebEx, I'd be selling it on Monday.

Of the last three webinar experiences involving WebEx, all three had serious problems. Anecdotal evidence tells me I'm not alone, either.

We've got to stop meeting like this...

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Anonymous said...

And it's not getting any better! One of our users had trouble today because they'd changed the user interface again so:

o It insists on a meeting password - why?

o It has a new screen that's all to do with meeting credits whereby if you don't check the right box, you meeting instantly ends as you've not got any credit. Why?

o The incredibly useful list of participants has disappeared so you've got no idea without asking whether that very important business lead at the other end has managed to join.

They seem hell bent on loosing our business.


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