Monday 13 December 2004

What's wrong with online dating?

Ferris Research: What's wrong with online dating?

Just a quick thought—it seems to me that the economic incentive for a dating website to provide a good service is broken. Most businesses thrive on repeat business, or a regular cashflow from a subscription model. Customer retention being less expensive than customer acquisition, as any MBA could tell you.

Think about it; online dating isn't like that. If the service succeeds in bringing two customers together into a lasting relationship they're both going to be canceling their subscription, aren't they?

Inspired by this NYT article, E-Dating Bubble Springs a Leak.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Why do the online dating services show only attractive people on their websites? Why do they charge if they're so altruistic? Why do all females say they want the same thing in a potential mate? eg---loving, faithful, dependable, and so on. They don't, you know. If one posesses a cleft chin and a 12" whatever, all is forgiven. This is a reality check.

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