Thursday 21 February 2008

Can Anyone from Yahoo Help?

I have a client with a problem getting email to his customers on Yahoo. The users want the email, but it keeps turning up in their Bulk folders, not the Inbox. Most frustrating.

I've walked him through making everything squeaky-clean, but no luck.

Yahoo's "Postmaster" contacts just seem to be a huge black hole. Is there anybody reading this who can offer a clueful contact at Yahoo?



Anonymous said...

I can only assume you've tried the "form" at :

Good luck, I've had no success with it. After having the same issue, except our stuff was being tagged as Spam and being put in the destinations webmail-only Spam folder, my advice to you is move the clients away from yahoo.

Gmail/Google Apps would be a good move, and are also good at Spam Tagging with very few FP's.

I have a friend in the industry who says that mail hosting is a mugs game, go with google :) it just works.

Forget Yahoo. There is no listed NOC contact for them, and that is just not right for an outfit as big as they are. They assimilated XTRA here, a previously good ISP, and promptly turned it to rubbish, with no way of getting complex support.. or anything other than a "we really don't care if you have issues" URL from them.

Anonymous said...

I often send a carbon copy of
emails for my boss, to myself,
at yahoo. There is already a copy
in the Sent folder, but having
a copy in the Inbox is convenient.

I've found some CC's in the Bulk
Mail folder; I then click the
"not spam" button, and the CC'd
message goes from Bulk to Inbox.

I think it decreases the chances
of another message to myself
going into "Bulk".

But probably Michael's
proposal is better.


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