Monday 25 February 2008

Crypto vendor Identum bought by Trend Micro

It's official, so I can now write about it. Trend Micro and Identum today announced that Trend is buying Identum.

Identum is an encryption vendor, which does away with certificates -- which are difficult to manage -- in favour of encryption keys that are based on a user's "identity" -- typically the email address.

On the face of it, this is similar technology to Voltage Security's IBE, but with better performance, simpler administration, and arguably better security.

Identum chose not to offer a federated model. Instead, it's a service, based in a super-secure bunker in "an undisclosed location" (well, I could tell you where, but then I'd have to kill you).

Congratulations to Andy Dancer and the rest of the Identum crew for successfully getting this interesting technology out of Bristol University, incubated, and flipped.

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