Friday 29 February 2008

Spammers work for Desperate Social Networks

Hmm, email hitting spamtraps this morning for a social network called Sounds suspicious, no?

Let's see:
  • Spam sent to email addresses that only exist to trap spam? CHECK
  • Spam comes from dynamic consumer ISP space? CHECK
  • Envelope sender forged? CHECK
  • Date: header a couple of hours in the future? CHECK
  • "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit" but includes 8-bit characters? CHECK
  • Text mentions "double opt-in" CHECK
  • Spamvertized website operates out of Latvia, not the UK? CHECK
Update: I only had a quick look and can't see anything obviously dodgy with the site itself. My suspicion is that it exists to spread malware -- either by exploiting browser vulnerabilities or by making people download Trojans when they register.

It could alternatively be a come-on for a Russian Brides style scam.

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