Wednesday 30 September 2009

Links for Sept 30, 2009

All is well with bank email privacy problem, luckily

Bank sends sensitive info to wrong person by email; asks Google to delete it; asks court to force Google to delete it; Google says message was never opened; Google deletes message; further legal wrangling averted.

Yammer gets significant new blood

Sean Parker was instrumental at Plaxo and Facebook. Now he joins Yammer, the "Twitter for intranets".

Criminals being very clever: editing online bank statements on-the-fly

If your PC is infected with this malware, not only will criminals extract money from your bank account, but it won't show up on your statements. That's because the malware is silently hiding the fraudulent transactions, and patching the balance. Horribly clever.

Yahoo releases YUI 3

YUI is a rich, lightweight framework for writing slick, interactive user interfaces for Web applications. It's widely respected; and version 3 looks like it will add to its reputation.

Google Wave invites being sent to 100,000 preview users

Google's collaboration tool is definitely one to watch, if the demo reel is any guide.

Microsoft releases Security Essentials (née ''Morro'')

This free anti-malware product for PCs replaces OneCare and threatens the established vendors: both free and paid.

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