Tuesday 19 July 2005

Interex RIP; HP World cancelled


One of the first press interviews I ever did was for the HP World magazine. And HP World and the old InterWorks were my introductions to the bizarre world of conference speaking.

Ever since Lew Platt retired, HP never really seemed to engage satisfactorily with Interex. Sure, there was plenty of rank-and-file support, but HP didn't seem to see much strategic value in having an independent advocacy group.

Worse, Interex and Encompass (the old DEC/Compaq user group) never really got along.

I don't expect the HP-run conference to be quote the same, somehow.

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Ontario Emperor said...

Thanks for offering a deeper. perspective on the relationship between Interex and the other entities. Although I've worked with companies that resold several types of HP computers (at one point our division was reselling Windows PCs, Tandem NonStop, and Tru64 UNIX boxes), I've never really gotten involved in the user group aspect of it.

The "marketing free" gimmick still gets to me...

Anonymous said...

My first job in 1978 was for a Sunnyvale timesharing company that ran a HP-3000 Series I. Intel and Rolm ran their financial systems on our machine. The last INTEREX HP-World I attended was the San Francisco blow-out with Circe d' Soliel. Interex promoted HP products until around 1994 when HP pulled it's salesforce and subsequently anounced the end FIRST end of the HP-3000. With UNIX HP-UX dominating marketing and sales, as a Interex Regional Users Group officer we immediately saw a drop in attendance at the local level. So many IT shops were losing the HP-3000 only mantle and becoming multi-vendor/OS shops. Windows, NT, Unix, HP-UX. The family HP way was gone and then Carly placed the final stake in the HP-3000 and Interex about 3 years ago. What is HURD's golden handshake compensation? Only the CEO and board members get richer. The rest of struggle to live and have a sense of unity. It is no longer an HPWorld.

Anonymous said...

I was one of those HP customers planning on doing a session on Sarbane-Oxly and an HP3000 Client/Server application. My place of business okayed the conferance bases that I was only having OCS costs, because I was doing a breakout. HP should have at least looked at the speakers and the non-vendor speakers could have been offered a pass to the HP tech conferance. Would have made a handfull of people happy, but they just responded blankly when asked about it. Too bad, has really made me wonder about HP and my loyalty to them.

Anonymous said...

It's very sad. First Interex goes into receivership, HPWorld is cancelled, everyone is funneled into the HP TechForum scheduled for 2 weeks from now in New Orleans. I doubt very much with the news today there will be an HP centric conference at all this year.

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