Thursday 23 April 2009

Astaro drops its R&D-led roadmap

This is Angelo Comazzetto. A Canadian, of Italian heritage, living in the U.S., working for a German company.

When I met him last year, his business card said something like Evangelist. These days, he's the product manager for Astaro's line of low-cost Unified Threat Protection appliances. Dspite his title change, he's not lost his passionate, high-energy, rapid-fire delivery style ;-)

Some notes from our meeting:
  • "600 new features" in the past year
    • based on win/loss analysis and other customer requests
    • no longer R&D-led roadmap!
    • Versions 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 all "major" releases
  • Now uses Commtouch for anti-spam, Astaro loves them
  • Astaro has dropped Kaspersky: too expensive and inaccurate
  • Moved to Postgres from MySQL
  • Added full https content inspection
    • Several options for deploying the proxy certificates to user PCs
  • Network balancing across several connections
  • Supports the proprietary Cisco IPsec client
    • So can have people move from obsolete Cisco PIX and ASA to Astaro
    • Supports iPhone VPN client (nice demo)

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