Thursday 23 April 2009

Yubi-who? Easy single-signon, one-time-password auth.

This is Stina Ehrensvärd, the CEO of Yubico.

You may have heard of their product, especially if you listen to Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte's Security Now podcasts. It's called Yubikey: a tiny, single-signon, one-time-password USB device.

It emulates a keyboard. Touch the button and it types this moment's password. So it's something you have; when combined with something you know -- a static password -- you have the simplest form of two-factor authentication.

As you might guess from her name, it's a Swedish company, which Stina told me that it was built around the vision of fixing banking and paypal fraud. The idea is that banks would save money lost to fraud, some of which they could donate to charities.

Which is nice.

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